We become what we repeatedly do
— Sean Covey

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The choices you make each day develop you into who you are the next day, month and year. You can’t instantaneously make yourself feel whole or healthy, but you can choose how to act. Becoming whole is all about making intentional choices that will grow you into being someone who is physically, mentally and emotionally sound and healthy. 

I highly doubt there’s a point of arrival when it comes to wholeness, but it’s what I use as a standard for how I live my life. If certain choices are leading me to feel and act unstable, incomplete or unhealthy (in any area of my life) than that standard says that I have to make new choices. 

Before I pursued a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition Science, my nutritional habits were wrecking havoc on all facets of my health: mind, body and spirit. I was eating poorly throughout the day and then binging on sweets late in the night. I wasn’t giving my body what it wanted or needed. I thought I loved myself well but when I acknowledged how my food habits were affecting my entire wellbeing, I had to also acknowledge that my words of self-love were just words and little action. In fact, my actions were contradictory to those words.

Have you ever experienced love from another person that brought healing to your heart and mind? I’m convinced that overall wholeness is a product of being loved and loving yourself well! Accepting and loving yourself just as you are is only the beginning of wholeness: love looks like something. And the way you treat yourself, by how you manage your diet, physical activity, relationships, etc., communicates to yourself love or a lack there of. Personally, I know which message I'm sending to myself by checking into how I feel, never how I look. When I feel at peace in my mind and strong in my body, I know I'm taking good care of myself. When I feel anything less than, I know changes need to be made.

When we don’t know how to help ourselves, we seek help from someone who does. We see counselors when we need help sorting ourselves or our relationships out and we see trainers when we want a certain physique or to become fit and strong. 

The food you eat (or don’t eat) has a greater impact on your mind and body than you may think. Your diet affects your moods and mental focus and clarity. It also affects how well you recover from your workout and whether or not you’re building muscle or burning fat. 

What am I getting at? You can be seeing the best counselor and personal trainer in the world but if you’re not meeting your nutritional needs then you’re cutting yourself short, big time! And chances are, you’ll feel like you’re the failure, like you’re not capable of following your counselors advice or that your body won't ever reach the state that you're working so hard towards. That’s where I come in!

I’m not a counselor and I’m not a personal trainer - I’m a nutritionist and a nutrition coach. And I help my clients sift through the fact and fiction of the nutrition world and learn exactly what their bodies need so that they can become whole in body and show up to every other area of their life on their A-game!