Why I Don't Want to Tell You How to Lose Weight

Nine times out of ten I cringe when I read an Instagram or blog post about weight loss. Whether it is about his or her own personal weight loss or their advice to others on how to lose weight.

The times I cringe are when I can't decipher what their motivation for losing weight is; are they doing it in a healthy way? Does the advice they are giving run the risk of promoting self-hatred or fueling a dysfunctional relationship with food in others? Or, the advice is just flat out terrible...

I do not cringe when I have heard their story, their heart, their underlying motivation - and I recognize that they are losing weight because they honor their body and they are giving their body what it deserves - nutritious food in order to function at its' best.

For these people, weight loss may very well be an important goal for them to be healthy, but they are motivated to lose weight because they value themselves and their body. And that is the weight loss motivation I can get behind and cheerlead all day, everyday. 

The pursuit of self-love and happiness is not synonymous with the pursuit of being skinny, getting a six pack, or looking sexy in Instagram photos. Achieving any one of these goals will not increase your value or make you happier. And that is what a lot of people are (intentionally OR unintentionally) pitching to those who are dissatisfied with their appearance. 

For that reason, the idea of writing about weight loss is distasteful to me. As much as I actually want you to be at your healthiest weight, I do not want to help you get there in a way that is fueled by self-hatred and contributes to unhealthy mindsets that you may already struggle with. Yes, my job as a nutritionist is more often than not helping people lose weight, but I've chosen to work with people as a nutrition coach because it allows me to work closely with them over an extended period of time to ensure healthy mindsets and self-love are propelling them toward their goals.

Now, I know that the majority of the people who write the posts that make me cringe may very well have a healthy relationship with food and they may be loving themselves well! But there is a HUGE negligence and a missing link in the nutrition and fitness world by how these articles fuel self-hatred and in result, self-abuse. They oftentimes result in unintentional self-abuse by those who are motivated to get healthy and take better care of their body but they are unknowingly following horrible advice. I have experienced this first hand, on numerous occasions. One such time landed me in the hospital for five days with a life threatening kidney infection, all because I naively followed the weight loss advice of an online "health" article. 

I want to use my platform to share weight loss advice in a safe and encouraging way. However, I will never write a post that has the potential to hurt you more than help you, even if those are the ones that the internet feeds on like a bunch of piranhas. 

I love you all, even those of you I do not know. I love you and I want you to love yourself and honor yourself with the choices that you make that will affect the only body you will ever have. I want to show you how to meet your nutritional needs and I want to celebrate you when the byproduct of being well-fed results in weight loss (or even weight gain)!