How To: Roasted Veggies

If you have read my blog on meal prepping than you have already learned about my undying love for roasted veggies and how roasting a big batch once a week saves me so much time throughout the rest of the week! My husband and I have roasted veggies for every breakfast and lunch, and some dinners as well! Having them already prepped ensures we get in the recommended five to nine servings a day.

(A serving of vegetables is about one cup, about the size of a small fist, of raw leafy greens and half a cup, or half a fist, of all other veggies.)

Most people don't eat enough veggies, so having roasted veggies on hand makes meeting that five to nine servings so much easier. Plus, they are delicious! 

Make sure you are roasting a variety of vegetables - the more variety in color, the better. 

My go-to's are: sweet potato (orange kumara), carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, zucchini (courgettes), kamo kamo, red/yellow/orange peppers, beets, parsnip, garlic and red onion. 

Some other options are: potatoes, eggplant, brussels sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, rutabaga and turnips.  

So let's get to it... How to: Roasted Veggies

What You Need

Vegetables of your choosing (Remember - a variety of colors!)
Olive oil
Seasonings (see #4 under instructions)

Chopping board
Mixing bowl
Measuring spoons
Parchment paper
Baking tray



1. Heat the oven to 225C (437F) - Setting: Convection Bake

2. Chop up the veggies into uniform pieces so they cook evenly. Separate the softer veggies from the harder ones: ex. harder veggies like sweet potato, carrots, and pumpkin will be done in relatively the same amount of time (25-30 minutes), whereas softer veggies like zucchini and bell peppers will be done in much less time (10-20 minutes). The roasting time will depend on how small you chopped the veggies.

3. Toss the veggies in a bowl with olive oil (about 1TB per kg of veggies)

4. Season with... Whatever you'd like! Options:

  • Salt and pepper*

  • Salt, pepper, and garlic powder*

  • Kiwi classic: Salt, pepper, garlic powder, thyme and rosemary*

  • My favorite: Salt, pepper, garlic powder, thyme, rosemary, chili, paprika, cumin, and coriander* OR my Moroccan seasoning!

    * How much is up to you! Perhaps, go light on the seasonings the first time you make them and then go from there, depending on your taste! 

    Note: I'd stay away from pre-packaged seasonings if I were you. Just take a look at the ingredients: sugar is usually one of the first few ingredients... You don't need sugar on your roasted veggies! You'll also run into some other nasties that I mention here.

5. Spread parchment paper onto a baking tray and spread the vegetables on top. If you're short on time: squish them all on (they'll be steamed veggies more so than roasted)! If you have time and want nicely crisped veggies: spread them out so they're just barely touching (you may have to do a few batches depending on how many veggies you've chopped up).

6. Roast the veggies until tender: Your harder veggies will cook in 25-30 minutes. The softer veggies will cook in 10-20 minutes. 

7. LAST FIVE MINUTES: Turn the oven to the broiler setting to give them a crispy finish!

8. Remove from oven and serve up! Or, let them cool and store them in a glass container in the fridge to add to your meals later on! (MEAL PREP, WOOH!) 


This is what they should look like! Slightly crisped on the outside. ENJOY! 

This is what they should look like! Slightly crisped on the outside. ENJOY! 

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