LK's Paleo Banana Muffins

I'm always a tad bit disappointed when I see "PALEO BANANA MUFFINS" (or any other paleo treat) followed by "1/2 CUP HONEY, 1/2 CUP COCONUT OIL"...

In my opinion, that is one of #paleo #whole30 recipe's greatest downfall. As nutrient dense as those recipes can be, they're not exempt from being massive calorie bombs (food that is extremely calorie dense), just like their non-whole30, non-paleo counterpart. So if the average Joe isn't aware of this, he'll chow down on three muffins because "THEY'RE HEALTHY!" while simultaneously consuming upwards of 900 calories.

One nutrient-dense and calorie-dense muffin for an active person, excellent! But for someone who is trying to lose weight, that just might put them into a positive energy balance (more energy in than energy out = weight gain), despite their "healthy" efforts.

So, this past weekend I was tasked with making a nutritious treat for 50+ women at an event I was speaking at. I scoured Pinterest for recipes that women could replicate, that were nutrient dense yet wouldn't bust their energy balance... Recipe after recipe was a disappointment so I set out on creating my own! When you use bananas for sweetness, you really don't need to add in any honey or coconut sugar. But I did I throw in some raisins so the women wouldn't totally hate them for not being sugar shockers if that's what they're used to. To my pleasant surprise, they loved them! They were a huge hit. So, here ya go: LK's sugar-free, grain free, optional dairy free paleo banana muffins! 

Serving up the muffins at the lavish Ladies event in Taupo, New Zealand!

Serving up the muffins at the lavish Ladies event in Taupo, New Zealand!

Nutrition Facts per LARGE* muffin (includes 1/2c raisins and 1/2c shredded coconut): 
Calories: 284
Fat: 18g
Carbs: 28.8g
Protein: 6.8g
Vitamin A: 4.4%
Vitamin C: 7.3%
Calcium: 11%
Iron: 15.3% 

* Whenever I make muffins, I use a smaller muffin pan so the size of the muffins are more suited for a light snack. So this recipe would actually make around 16 small muffins, bringing the calories down to 213 per SMALL muffin.

Note: without 1/2 cup raisins the sugar content drops from 10g to 7g. That's nearly a teaspoon of sugar per muffin eliminated!