Dreaming big in a tiny house


As many of you know, Laurel and I have spent the last 3 months building a tiny house to call our home for the next season. It has honestly been the most challenging, tiring and stressful season of my life to date.  But, what kept Laurel and I going was the clear vision of completing it, towing it up to our little block of land overlooking Lake Taupo, and waking up to coffee in bed whilst admiring the magnificent view.

There was a dream in both our minds that we envisioned right from the beginning when we first thought, "hey, let's build and live in a tiny house".  Looking back, would I do it again? Probably not... Was it worth it?  Most definitely.

We sacrificed a lot to see it become a reality, but it was a desire, followed by action, action, and more action that made it a reality.  


I've always marveled at what man has created, from gigantic structures like skyscrapers, ships, and airplanes, to technology that gives us fingertip access to the world and any information in a split second. 

These feats all come from something that God created in us right from the beginning.  That is, simply, the ability to dream and create.  What we dream and create is different for all of us.  Some like to dream and create in the world of arts, music, and fashion.  Some like to dream and create in the world of business, where they dream and create something that is of benefit to them and others.  Some dream in the world of politics and humanitarian efforts, where they dream and institute plans to see the global transformation.  For Laurel and I in this season, it was to dream and build a tiny house from scratch.  


The ability to dream and create truly is a gift from God. One that brings transformation and change as well as one that brings both us and God satisfaction, enjoyment and reward.  Have you ever thought about it like this? When God sees us dreaming and creating things it brings a smile to His face.  I like to picture a proud dad watching his son build his first downhill kart from scrap materials in the garage and then race it up and down the street.  There is a beaming smile on the sons face as he repeatedly drags the kart up the street and then races it down.  But the dad's smile is far bigger. In his smile you see his pride in his son's achievement and the simple fact he is enjoying what he has created.


For me, this is a huge part of worship.  Worship is more than singing in church or raising our hands in surrender to God...far more.  Worship is doing anything that brings a smile to His face.  Getting tough and real, if you're not dreaming and creating, then you are robbing God of the simple satisfaction of taking pride and pleasure in His kid.  Getting even tougher, too often I see the current generation engulfed in a world of social media scrolling, playing video games and doing life without a dream or vision.  Unknowingly, they are not only robbing themselves of a life of purpose and satisfaction, but they are robbing God of the glory due Him.


You have been created with a purpose on this planet, a purpose that brings joy and satisfaction in life and one that gives worship to the One who created us.  Discover what you love to do and do it.  You have access to eternal resources because Jesus created everything around you and, if you've asked Him to, He lives in you... that might just be a later blog. ;)

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