Meal Prep, You Have Time For It

One of the first things I do with a client is take a look at their week, hour by hour. I do this because most people inform me, almost immediately, that they do not have time for _________ (whatever it is they think I may ask of them). 

Meal prep is one thing that comes up often. We take a good look at their schedule and in the end I show them all the time that meal prep will save them, they realize they actually do not have time to not make time for it. No matter how hectic their schedule is, meal prep ensures that they are eating more of the right kinds of foods, nutrient dense foods, which is critical for them to meet their personal health goals.

 The meal prep plan I set them on is highly individualized, because every ones' schedule is different and the time that they do have is different. I focus on: "What can you do? What do you have time for?" And we go from there...  

When you hear 'meal prep' do you envision a bulky dude with a row of containers of broccoli, sweet potato, rice and chicken? Good news! You don't have to do that or eat like that to be a food prep master. 

Meal prepping is any preparation of food that saves you valuable time later in the week! As my schedule is right now, roasting a big batch of vegetables and doubling recipes are the only two meal preps I need to do for the week. My veggie prep is the greatest time saver for me because roasted veggies and spinach are the base for most every breakfast and lunch, and sometimes dinner. If we are not having a dish like curry, bolognese, or slow cooker chicken tacos (my favorite!)  chances are, roasted veggies are on the menu.

Doubling, and sometimes tripling, recipes makes me feel like a meal prep genius. I get so giddy when a delicious dinner only takes 5-10 minutes to make (re-heat) and serve up. And as long as it is yummy, James and I could care less that we have had it three times already that week. The Against All Grain 'Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos' I made last week fed the two of us for SIX meals! And another fun part about leftovers is how the flavour of the dish just keeps getting better and better. Ohhh, so good! 

Want to know how I stretch our leftovers even more...? ROASTED VEGGIES! Seriously though! Last night we had leftover bolognese for dinner and I added a serving of roasted veggies on top of the konjac noodles and zoodles... James and I agreed that it made the dish all the more tasty!

Meal prep // Roasted veggies for the win!


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