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LK + ProCoach 2.0 evolved by working with a handful of clients who share similar faith to my own. They gave me permission to bring Jesus, scripture verses from the Bible, and spiritual exhortations into our coaching dialogue and their ProCoach experience. After a few weeks of sending them spiritually encouraging messages I knew I had to make this version of the program known and available to anyone else who wants to invite the Holy Spirit into their health journey. 

In 2013, while studying at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, in Redding, California, I was navigating a conflict of behaviors in my heart. My year at Bethel was unbelievably amazing in every way possible. I was learning what it really looked like to be a daughter of God and to take bold steps of faith to bring Heaven to Earth, just like Jesus told us to do. It was a foundational year for me where my faith increased and my heart was healed.

All the while I was more intentional about my spiritual health then I'd ever been, I was neglecting my physical needs by under-eating, binging on sweets, and using exercise as a form of punishment. One day, towards the end of school, I went on a long and hard run. When I got back I heard these words repeated over and over again in my spirit "healthy in, healthy out". At that point I hadn't yet studied nutrition, and I had no idea that that would be the direction I would take once I began university at the end of 2013. But little did I know, those words marked the beginning of my intentional journey towards wholeness, body, soul, and spirit. I knew it wasn't enough to pursue health in my spirit, I had to pursue it in all areas to become whole.

This is what LK + ProCoach 2.0 is all about, becoming healthy on the inside and the outside.

The Precision Nutrition powered ProCoach* component of the program remains the same, you'll still receive the same habits, lessons, and workouts everyday. And I'll still be your qualified nutritionist and PN certified nutrition coach, but I'll also be your spiritual coach. You'll receive a new spiritual habit every two weeks, alongside of your new ProCoach habit, regular spiritual exhortations and I'll be as involved in your "inside" health journey as you want me to be!

The One who created you knows you best, He knows what you need and He knows how those needs are best met. Becoming healthy and whole is all about meeting those needs. And to meet those needs, we have to be connected with our Creator. 

LK + ProCoach 2.0 prioritises connection with the Holy Spirit, learning who we are in Christ, and what that practically looks like.

 When we neglect our spiritual and physical needs our inner and outer health suffers. But when we learn how to meet those needs in a practical 

*Find out all about ProCoach, here!