LK + ProCoach Workout Program

Never again feel lost at the gym.



Have you ever felt lost in a gym?

Unsure of what you're supposed to be doing and intimated by those who effortlessly know their way around?

Chances are, they've either been around them gym a while or they're just following a program. And now, with ProCoach workouts, you can follow your own workout program, tailored to your unique goals, on your phone, iPad, or computer.

ProCoach makes it easy for you to feel confident working out in the gym or at home by showing you exactly how to do each movement. You'll have your own personal trainer in your hand! 

ProCoach workouts offers you a wide range of exercise program to account for your specific needs and goals. There are 29 different programs, 14 for women and 14 for men. Each program, listed below, was written and designed by the experts at Precision Nutrition and has been apart of those 100,000 clients lifestyle transformations. So, whether you're looking to build muscle or recover from an acute shoulder injury, you'll have a proven program - complete with video demonstrations of each movement - to guide you. 


ProCoach Workouts:

  • Get Moving - Designed for people who are elderly, de-conditioned, dealing with a lot of physical limitations. 

  • Fat Loss - An advanced program, best suited for those with a good training background, 4+ days per week for training and no injuries, who want to prioritise fat loss. 

  • Muscle Gain - An advanced program, best suited for those with a good training background, 4+ days per week for training and no injuries who want to prioritise muscle gain. 

  • Advanced Body Recomposition - Best for people who are seeking overall improvements in body composition with no injuries, good training background and 4+ days per week to work out. 

  • Intermediate Body Recomposition - ·       Similar to Advanced Body Recomposition, but easier, less complex and shorter workouts with an eye towards at-home training. A good fit for people without significant movement/pain limitations who are motivated to work out but don’t have the athletic background or time for an advanced program like Fat Loss, Advanced Body Recomposition or Muscle Gain.

ProCoach Workouts for Injuries:

  • Acute Lower-Limb Injury

  • Chronic Lower-Limb Injury

  • Exercise-Induced Lower-Limb Injury

  • Acute Upper-Limb Injury

  • Chornic Upper-Limb Injury

  • Exercise Induced Upper-Limb Injury

  • Acute Back Injury

  • Chronic Back Injury

  • Exercise Induced Back Injury

Each day you get to choose from the following workout options:

  • Full workout (gym based: standard gym equipment)

  • At-home workout (minimal equipment: one dumbbell, an exercise band, something to anchor the band to)

  • Quick workout (don’t have much time: < 30 minutes)

  • Doing your own workout


When you select one of the first 3 workout options, the exercises will appear below. Some exercises will have modification options so you can increase or decrease the intensity based on your ability.

Accountability is key to achieving your goals.

How workout consistency is tracked:

Each day, you are assigned a Review card. You click “Yes” or “No” to completing your workout for that day. Within the Review card, there is an overview of the workout programming in this phase, as well as a schedule. Once you submit your Review card, you can see your progress tracked in the Your Progress area of your program dashboard.


You can engage with your coach as much or as little as you want. If you desire accountability, you’ve got it! If you want to be left to your own to follow the program, that’s fine too!

Quick Start Nutrition Guide

After you submit your initial intake questionnaire, you’ll receive a personalised Quick Start Nutrition Guide. This customised guide will give you advice on portion control, workout nutrition, grocery shopping, and meal prep. You will be well equipped to begin your body transformation journey!


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